Why Neon Name Signs Are the Best Way to Stand Out?


Neon signs are the perfect way to make your name or company logo stand out. Not only will this be unique, but it’s also safe for customers and employees! If you want the sign as both an advertisement or photo booth backdrop then just set up in some chic area where people can enjoy themselves while they’re waiting their turn (or taking pictures). Set up in area with plenty of room behind so they have ample space when posing against its bright colors.

Custom neon signs

Custom neon name signs are a great way to make your business stand out. They can be made in any color you want, and can be adjusted to any brightness level. The light can also be dimmed or turned off remotely. They are a great way to promote your business, and they will make a great addition to your building.

Neon signage is also a great way to decorate your home. You can get signs that express your personality and enhance your mood. You can purchase intimate, personalized signs for your home or office, or sassy signs for your business.


The uniqueness of neon name signs is not just limited to the night time. These signs are also visible during the day, though the glow is not as intense as at night. Moreover, neon name signs are made of a potent substance which is very durable and resistant to breakage. However, you should know that the acrylic backing used to support the neon is prone to damage.

Customized name neon signs are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. These signs are an excellent way to attract potential clients and promote local businesses. They can also be used as announcements for upcoming events. These signs come in a wide variety of styles and materials.


When choosing a neon name sign, it is important to take care of safety. There are numerous precautions that should be taken to avoid accidents. These precautions include keeping the neon light out of reach of children, and ensuring that the neon sign has the appropriate fire protection features. While the gas that fills a neon tube is flammable, it is also relatively safe. Neon lights are also less likely to cause fires than normal fluorescent lights, so it is important to check the safety of your neon name sign before purchasing it.

A common myth about neon signs is that they are fragile and have a short lifespan. While this may be true in some cases, all lighting can be damaged if it is not properly cared for, so it is vital to protect your neon name sign from damage. For safety purposes, neon name signs should be accompanied by a CE marking, which signifies that they meet certain health and environmental protection standards.


When it comes to determining the cost of a neon name sign, there are several factors to consider. First, you should know what kind of neon sign you want. This type of sign uses long gas-discharge tubes filled with argon, neon, or other rarefied gases. When a current is passed through the electrodes in the tubes, it causes the neon to glow. This type of sign is durable and can last as long as 50 years, or more.

You should consider the location of the neon sign. Neon signs can be placed both indoor and outdoor. You will want to choose a style that will look good in either location. You should also decide on the font, writing style, and color. When you are satisfied, you can place an order. Custom neon name signs can be a stylish way to spruce up your home’s decor or add a touch of class to your business’s entryway.

Easy to make

You can make your own neon name signs if you know how to use the proper ingredients. These materials will help you produce a great-looking sign with ease. The most important thing is to select a wire that is flexible and bendable. You can choose T90 14 solid or EL wire that is three meters long. Then, bend the wire into the shape of the desired word. Glue the wires using a glue gun or super glue to attach the letters.

If you are unsure of what design you want, you can find thousands of free templates online. You can customize them based on your taste. You can also choose a premium plan that automatically applies your brand’s colors and fonts.

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