Stunning and Creative Gold Lantern Decor Ideas


Nowadays, gold lanterns are a much-needed home decor that every home has to include when decorating their homes. Lanterns will bring ambiance, figurative light, and style to your home. They are very versatile, and because of this, gold lanterns can decorate any part of your home.

Lanterns will decorate any part or room in your home. Whether indoor or outdoor, you will never run out of options. They can be hung up high or low, clustered, or stand-alone. Because of their enclosed nature, they are a great solution to candles that may cause harm to curious toddlers. Let’s look at some gold lantern decor ideas that will have you decorating like an expert.

Things to consider when planning your gold lantern decor

1. Size of lantern decor

Please ensure the dimensions of where you place your lantern are appropriate. You can’t put a large lantern on a walkway in your home, where someone might hit their head as they pass by.

2. Placement of your lantern

Lanterns will look fantastic regardless of where they are placed, but it’s essential to know the type of lantern you need for your decor.

  • Hanging lanterns – These are the best group of lanterns and most preferred. They can make any space in your home feel magical and are a great option to mix with other small lanterns.
  • Tabletop lanterns – When placed on any tabletop, they will bring out a gorgeous look that will excite you.
  • Floor Lanterns – Gold lanterns look amazing when different sizes are deliberately placed on the floor.

How to decorate with a gold lantern

1. Fairy light gold lantern

Stacking fairy lights inside a gold lantern will bring out the festive season mood in any home, and they are a perfect decoration when two of them are placed hanging outside the door sides.

2. Flowerpot lantern

You can put flowers and other greenery mixed with some lighting to give your home a nice garden ambiance as you relax in your living room.

3. Put lanterns in various spots in the living room

Placing lanterns strategically in many places in your living room will make the room glow. You can place two against a window, two near the TV area, or on the side of your sofas to brighten your whole living room.

4. Seasonal gold lantern decor

Gold lanterns are great for displaying holiday ornaments like cones, pines, or small Christmas trees. When displayed in a well-lit lantern, you can be sure to ignite the holiday season vibe.

5. Roses on ropes lantern

You can tie ropes on your lantern and put rose flowers on top of it, then hang the lanterns on sturdy tree limbs when having an outdoor party or a wedding. During the day, the lantern will look festive, but when evening comes, the roses and light will bring out a romantic ambiance.


There you have it! These are just a few ways you can make your lantern decor unique and captivating. Get a gold lantern or more and start having some fun decorating your home.

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