All about Pressure Washer Switch


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All about Pressure Washer Switch

How do you plan to start and stop your pressure washer using the switch now that you have purchased industrial pressure washing equipment? To ensure your cleaning personnel does not cause expensive damage to your equipment, they should use the correct cleaning tools. The first step in pressure washing is selecting the correct controls and accessories. By choosing the right equipment and controls, you can reduce or eliminate costly downtime, service, and replacement parts.

Pressure Controls

Electric pressure washers are controlled by electric motors depending on who uses them and how they are used.

  • When only one user has a hose, gun, or wand assembly, they usually are more cautious and make sure the equipment is not running when not in use. Keeping track of how the equipment works and manually starting and stopping the unit when required will result in years of trouble-free operation.
  • Damage is more likely to occur when multiple users and/or cleaning stations. Hopefully, you will need service and parts to repair your industrial pressure washing equipment. Controls for pump start and stop, along with safety shutdowns for high temperatures and low inlet water supplies, will help prevent unscheduled service and repairs.

Pressure Switch Start – Stop

The equipment is usually started and run by two pressure switches. Some manufacturers use pressure switches integrated into the design of the regulator/unloader, eliminating the need for a second switch. A “pressure trapped regulator/unloader” is typically attached to the two pressure switches. The flow of water is stopped by releasing the trigger, and the high-pressure water is captured between the gun and the regulator/unloader. Due to its position upstream from the regulator/unloader, the pump is not trapped in the high pressure but remains below the inlet water supply pressure. A pressure switch shuts down the pump when no high-pressure water is supplied. The pumping package is activated when you release the “trapped” pressure by pulling the trigger on the wash gun. A pressure switch will open as soon as you start cleaning. The “run” pressure switch remains closed with the pump under high pressure. A leak in a quick connect, hose, trigger gun, swivel, or fitting can cause false starts and stops. Pumping packages can be started with less than average inlet pressure, longer or larger discharge piping systems, smaller nozzles, and larger discharge piping systems.

Start-Up and Shutdown

Almost all industrial units use a timer to delay the shutdown of the pumping package once the trigger is released. This feature allows the operator to adjust or move as the trigger gun is closed. To begin cleaning again, the operator pulls the trigger on the wash gun once the safe action has been completed. Electric motors do not have to start as often, reducing wear on contactors and motors. Depending on the application and manufacturer, the delay may be as short as 2 seconds or as long as 90 seconds.

Summing it all up; you can make the best use of pressure washer switch provided that you have knowledge for the same. Read user manual properly and do a safe check in order to avoid any issues.

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