5 Awesome Water Bottle Brands for You


As more and more people are moving towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle, hydration is one of the essential things you need to be consistent with. A water bottle is a lifestyle necessity in the modern era since its more sustainable than regular bottles. It offers convenience and a ton of benefits over other liquid containers. Since most of them are reusable, you must choose the right durable water bottle with good features.

From the bottle material to color and insulating properties, finding a suitable water bottle can be easy, depending on whether you know your desired features. The design and color are also crucial since you will carry them around most of the time. If unsure of the color and design, you can always get a black water bottle since it easily blends in with any outfit while still looking good. Your focus, however, should be on the functionality features since they will determine the quality and performance of the bottle.

Best Water Bottle Brands to Get

Below are some awesome water bottles with great features and variety you should consider.

1. Hydro Flask

It is a stainless steel bottle that comes in black and holds 8oz of liquid. A Hydro flask has a double insulated wall which ensures the temperature of cold or hot drinks is kept throughout the day. The design is perfect for a modern urban look and is easily one of the top water bottle brands in the market.

2. The Zojirushi Mug

Zojirushi is leak-free, stainless steel, insulated mug with a simple, elegant design. The insulation allows your drink to stay warm or cold for hours with its vacuumed lid. It is an easy and perfect water bottle for any activity in the gym or beach.

3. Wide Mouth Nalgene Tritan

This water bottle has a clear and visible design with measurement marks to let you know the capacity of the water. It has a vast capacity and holds up to 30oz of your liquid at any time or place. It is a famous brand for hikers and gym-goers and an easily recognizable name in the industry. The bottle comes in many different colors to suit your style.

4. The Klean Kanteen Classic

This water bottle has one of the best exterior designs that are highly attractive. It is suited for hot and cold drinks and can hold a maximum of 20oz fluid. The bottle is laced with Climate lock technology and is one of the best brands consumers love.

5. LifeStraw Go

LifeStraw has one of the most remarkable features: a filtering straw system that removes any chemicals, odor, and dirt in the water. The filtering straw has a two-way filtering system and allows you to suck clean water by getting rid of all bacteria and germs. Their straw is interchangeable and is excellent for outdoor activities or traveling. It is slightly pricy than other bottles and is more than just an everyday water bottle.


Selecting a water bottle is not just an aesthetic color and design. It should be able to perform its functions properly while being leak free. Generally, water bottles are durable, and their excellent features determine their longevity and performance. They are an essential investment you should make towards staying hydrated and being healthy.

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